3 ways restaurants can use automation to drive business value

May 23, 2015 Leave your thoughts

By Jim Manias, vice president, Advanced Systems Concepts Inc.

From Subway to Whataburger, restaurants are seeing the benefits of IT automation on their operational, datacenter and business processes. Technology streamlines restaurant IT processes, as it does for every other industry. But you may not know just how much of an impact it has until you take a serious look at automation. Whether your business processes are handled through physical systems, virtual systems in the cloud or some mix of the two, intelligent automation can help you get the most out of your established restaurant IT environment in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Exactly how is IT automation helping restaurants? Here are three key ways:

Provisioning virtual/cloud resources — As more and more retail and restaurants turn to virtual and cloud resources, the need for efficient resource usage is more important than ever. Automation can optimize your IT department’s use of cloud and virtual resources, allocating additional resources when more computing power is needed and automatically spinning down resources during idle times. As a result, restaurants can eliminate IT resource waste from idle machines as well as improve IT spending on virtual/cloud resources.

Onboarding and offboarding employees — Let’s face it: Restaurants are a revolving door for employment. As a result, IT and Human Resources are often tasked with constantly adding and removing users from the system. Restaurants can minimize the time it takes to manually add new employees to their human resources and accounting systems by creating an automated process that kicks in as soon as an employee is hired. Similarly, when an employee leaves, an automated process can be kicked off to remove the account and other permissions. As a result, you can avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual processes that require heavy management and maintenance.

Streamlined reporting — IT manages all of the data pathways in and out of the business, facilitating the delivery of data to end users in a fast and reliable manner. In order to do this effectively, IT needs insight into workload performance statistics, including job successes and failures. Automation’s built-in reporting tool provides this insight and allows users to create custom reports in a matter of minutes. For example, using automation, your IT department can streamline and consolidate reporting processes by setting up parameters for reports instead of custom scripting each time. This way, reports only need to be run once rather than the same report being run hundreds of times.

Workload automation for restaurant business processes can make the difference between cumbersome, time-consuming manual management and a fast, reliable IT environment that drives real business value. As automation plays a bigger role in IT and business processes, retail and restaurant managers will have more time for what is truly important to your business: successful management of employees and operations and exemplary service to your hard-won customers.

Jim Manias is vice president at Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. and is responsible for the overall market strategy and planning for a range of products including ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Job Scheduling. Jim has been with Advanced Systems Concepts since 1991 and has held multiple senior management positions in the enterprise software and hardware market.  Jim can be reached at JManias@advsyscon.com.



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