Talent Management

These programmes range from basic data gathering to a comprehensive, long term, succession and talent acquisition strategy.

They can be organised by function, geography and executive level.

When looking at levels this can be about understanding the market for most senior executives, highly specialised talent or the up and coming hi-potential talent that may form your future leadership.

These are both programmes that are built on a bespoke basis depending on client requirements.

Market Mapping

Is about understanding what the talent market looks like in your target area. This provides insight and data for a wide range of issues including:

  • Availability – especially when looking at planned growth
  • Geography
  • Indigenous v Ex Pat
  • Acquistions

Talent Pipelining

Is taking the market analysis further and building relationships with the mapped targeted talent. This approach facilitates:

  • Building employer brand awareness in a managed fashion and within specifically targeted candidate pools
  • Effective external succession planning
  • Proactively anticipating requirements so that hires can be predicted accurately and made on a timely basis
  • Managing the risk of recruitment and reduces the potential for failed searches

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