US QSR – Multiple Senior Positions – Europe

May 24, 2015 Leave your thoughts

The Situation:

A US qsr brand is expanding in Europe. The brand is unknown in Europe and previous attempts at recruiting had been unsuccessful.

The Challenge

  • We were asked to advise on and help recruit several senior positions. These comprised both functional and business roles.
  • Overcoming the poorly perceived employer brand was an issue. This was an issue with candidates who had been contacted in the past and with the network of those candidates.
  • We also needed to identify and attract candidates who had best in practice experience with large brands and who could perform well in a smaller, non-bureaucratic, highly entrepreneurial organisation.

The SyBlue Solution

  • We assessed the distinctive employer culture and distilled the key points of that culture into a straightforward, simple to understand message.
  • This was a message that would be attractive to relevant candidates and would help not so relevant candidates deselect themselves.
  • As we were aware of issues surrounding the employer brand that had been created by previous recruitment attempts we confronted them upfront with target candidates. The result was that we attracted a stream of on profile candidates to the organisation including some who had previously rejected the proposition.
  • This was achieved by being passionate and honest with target candidates and by being direct and honest with the client even when this involved difficult conversations.

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