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The Clients Voice

I have worked with Mark Gilbert for more than 20 years. He has a unique style – he always calls things as he sees them and he will never take on an assignment if he does not believe that he has the in-house expertise to deliver a solution. By the same token, he is always prepared to help me re- shape the content of a role and change my original thinking in the process. He has a great team at SyBlue and I never fail to be impressed by their ability to thoroughly map the talent market and provide the best possible research for each assignment that they complete for me.

Andrew Patrick HR Director Worldpay UK

Mark was instrumental in helping me to build the Leadership Team at H+H and somehow had a knack for finding candidates that ticked all my random, vague and challenging boxes.

Nick Tolley CEO – Harris + Hoole

I found it refreshing working with Mark and his team. He is quite different than most of the head-hunters I have worked with. He is quite informal, and pretty direct and challenging, which I found quite refreshing and useful. He really listens to the brief and our feedback as we go along the process and certainly doesn’t just download his database. It sometimes felt that there was a lack of structure in the process but once you get used to that, you realise that it is the quality of the candidates that he produces that matters. I would certainly work with Mark again, particularly on the more challenging assignments.

Sarah Andrews HR and Retail Director - Harrods

The Candidate Voice

Helpful, efficient and with a few unexpected personal touches! Communication always on time and relevant. Overall a great experience.

I found SyBlue a pleasure to work with. Their approach was thorough balanced with proactive communication and the role and company brief were very comprehensive. From a candidate perspective I felt supported and at ease and would definitely recommend them.

From a candidate point of view it felt refreshingly different working with SyBlue. Good balance between the organisation they recruited for and in representing me as a candidate. I felt they helped shape my decision to join and organisation I wouldn’t have ordinarily considered in the right way.

Lisa has been exceptional all the way through from the first interview to negotiating and signing the contract. She was always available and remedied any query I had efficiently and promptly.