Through a variety of interventions – big and small – we help organisations solve problems by developing an innovation culture

Mini and Bespoke PurpleBeach Events

We create ‘you must be there’ experiences, driving personal and business aha’s, to be acted upon and rapidly embedded.

Our experiences include:

  • Bespoke mini-PurpleBeach off-sites
  • Bespoke Engagement and Innovation programmes
  • Subjects include (but not limited to): Innovation and People Innovation, 21st Century Leadership, The power of intrinsic motivation in improving execution and innovation, Quantum Thinking, Energy, Capacity and Resilience, Vision and Mission mapping, Inclusivity
  • Event duration is shaped around the specific needs that need to be addressed
  • Events are often supported by Coaching or Mentoring of one or more of the attendees

Living Laboratories

Living Laboratories™ are 3 month experiments, which are run with distinct business teams, with the objective of better understanding how to successfully and sustainably introduce a specific idea or practice.

Barriers and opportunities to sustainability will be fully explored and these barriers may be cultural, commercial, or as yet undiscovered.

They are led by a business leader and focus on addressing a specific business challenge, that the idea or practice can address.

It is fundamentally a change process that aims to address current business/team challenges based on interventions initiated by the employees. This is supported by systematic data collection throughout the process, so that an evaluation can be conducted at the end to assess the effectiveness.


We host Masterclasses for Business Leaders and HR Teams (the duration varies according to need, but usually are one or 2 day interventions, measured and with pre-post work to encourage sustainability).

Masterclass sessions may be followed up by team or individual coaching, mentoring and soundboarding.


Soundboarding is about more than just coaching and mentoring.

Connect with one of our thought partners to bounce off, test, validate and sense-check your ideas and thinking.

Examples of areas of focus include:

  • Innovation and idea generation
  • Alternative perspectives on Leadership and leading teams
  • Personal Energy and Capacity Management
  • Creativity and personal goal alignment

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